Humor, Romantic Suspense, and YA Fantasy Author

Dianne J. Wilson

Lessons from My Fridge

One would expect a chunk of ice this size to come out of a (neglected) freezer, right? Well this sink-the-Titanic baby came out of our fridge and built up over about 3 weeks. It's safe to say our fridge has some issues...

It's meant to be a self-defrosting feature, but now it's a 'let's freeze anything you might put in the veggie draw' thing. The entire bottom section fills up and freezes from the back corner creating a small mountain of ice in an alarmingly short amount of time.

We haven't managed to fix it, so de-icing the fridge is now a regular feature on our To-do list.

I was hacking away at it from the bottom, chipping off centimeters of ice at a time. My fingers were frozen, I had twenty other things lined up to do and this stubborn ice was going nowhere fast. My frustration levels were at the red ear stage. Even my hungry kids knew better than to ask what's for lunch.

My back muscles took exception to the awkward angle and spasmed spectacularly. At the risk of hobbling like Quasimodo, I had to change tactics. I took out the bottom shelf and jammed my ice scraper in from the top. With one hard push, the entire block of ice popped free. The whole thing. One push. What?

As I carried it outside, I realized... How often do we chip away at the muck life throws at us... scrabbling in our own strength to try and solve our problems, when a single thump from above could dislodge it all entirely.

Time spent parked off next to God, offloading our cares and getting His perspective is by far the best way to tackle the mountains of ice that life throws our way.

"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,

according to his power that is at work within us..." Ephesians 3:20

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