Humor, Romantic Suspense, and YA Fantasy Author

Dianne J. Wilson

This got me...

Hey guys,

We were watching the latest season of America's Got Talent last night. Do you watch at all? Did you see these two? (Please note - I don't own the copyright to this image or the video in any way, just posting it as pure inspiration.)

If you haven't yet, please go watch.

Their dance took my breath away. Not their technical ability or pointed toes, but their connection. The older cousin didn't brush off his little cousin when he wanted to dance with him. He included him and taught him all the moves that he knew.

And then the trust. Oh my hat, the trust. The little guy never had a moment's fear or hesitation. He flung himself through the air, knowing his big cousin was waiting to catch him.

As I watched them, I couldn't help thinking... God - is this how you want us to be with You? Completely secure in Your love, Your strength, Your ability to catch us.

I'm not wrong.

He wants us to learn from Him, do whatever we see Him do, work with Him ... and in that dance we will find ourselves flying free.

What do you think?

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